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How Often Should I Test My Home For Radon?

Congratulations! You’ve tested your house for radon gas and discovered levels below the action levels recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the WHO (World Health Organization). Many people think that once they’ve tested, they never need to test again. But think of this, you go to the dentist and find out you have no cavities. Does that mean you never have to go to the dentist again? The question isn’t if you should test again, rather it is, “how often should I test my home for radon?”

Over time, things can change. We can get a cavity even if we’ve never had one before and the radon levels in our home can increase. Another way to think of it is preventative – you go to the dentist for your cleaning and to quickly address any cavities you may have developed. Same thing goes with radon gas testing. Levels can change and you want to catch it quickly to avoid long term exposure for your family.

home radon testing e-perm unitReasons to test your home for radon multiple times:

  1. Structural Changes To Your Home. We know that radon gas enters your home through cracks and pores in the foundation but it also enters through cracks in the walls, floor gaps and construction joints. Any renovations that are made to the home can change the ventilation as well as the soil beneath the home. This can open up new ways for radon gas to enter your home.
  2. Changes to Living Arrangements. Lets say a few years after testing your home for radon, you decide to convert one of the rooms in the basement to a bedroom. Or you decide to create a play room for your kids. Any situation in which you have someone spending time in the basement, you should have your home retested for radon gas as this is closest to the radon entry point.
  3. Seasonal Changes. Radon levels can fluctuate depending on the season in which you tested. If you have your home tested in the spring, we recommend that the next time you test, it should be winter or summer.

For the reasons listed above, it is important to test your home for radon multiple times. This doesn’t mean you need to test your home every month, or even every six months. You should have your home tested for radon gas every 2-3 years in alternating seasons. However, if you do make structural changes to the home, it should be done when that construction is completed.

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