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Quietest Radon Mitigation System

A radon mitigation system is the only way to effectively reduce the radon levels in your home. Many homeowners, however, are concerned about the noise created by a radon mitigation system. So how do you get the quietest radon mitigation system possible?

Radon mitigation systems consist of a series of pipes run from the foundation up through the house and out through the roof. At the top of the system is a fan that pulls the air up through the pipes and vents it out into the air above the house. The key to making the system work effectively is the fan, which runs constantly. Have you ever left a bathroom fan on and an hour later realized you can hear it. That noise can be annoying which may make homeowners hesitate to add another fan that will never be turned off. But there are a few things to look for when choosing your mitigation system to ensure you have the quietest radon mitigation system possible.

radon mitigation system outsideEquipment

Utah Radon Services uses the highest quality and quietest fans on the market. They also utilize PVC piping that has foam insulated walls which helps lower the vibration/noise as air goes through the pipes.


Most companies drill a 4 inch hole for a 4 inch PVC, which puts the PVC in direct contact with wood or concrete as it goes through the wall. This creates more vibration and noise. Utah Radon Services uses the correct pipe size and makes sure the pipe isn’t in direct contact with wood or concrete, helping to reduce noise levels.

While any radon mitigation system is not going to be completely silent, a carefully installed system utilizing the highest quality materials is the key for a good night’s sleep! Utah Radon Services installs the quietest possible radon systems. If you are looking to reduce the radon levels in your home, fill out the form on this page, or call our radon experts to request a free radon mitigation bid.


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