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Radon Real Estate CE Class

Utah Radon CE ClassUtah Radon Services provides a certified 1-hour core Radon Real Estate CE Class on radon for real estate agents.  The class is taught by the owner of Utah Radon Services Bruno Vassel.  Because of the coronavirus restrictions, we will be providing this service over Zoom or in person depending upon realtor’s office circumstances. 

Many realtors who have taken the class have commented on how this has helped them be more informed about radon and how they can answer their client’s questions regarding radon testing and radon mitigation

Here are two reviews from realtors who had attended the Radon Real Estate CE Class:

“I thought the Class was very informative, lots of information. Presentation was easy to follow.  I came away with a better understanding about Radon. Thank you.” Tim O’Connor.

“I took a real estate class from Bruno on radon and it was very informative and eye opening. Very well done! ” Brooks Wait.

The course covers such topics as…

  • What is Radon?
  • Where does radon come from?
  • Why is radon relevant in real estate transactions?
  • Basics of radon testing.
  • How radon is removed.
  • Radon systems and what to look out for.

Utah Radon Services provides free testing for Realtor’s clients.  Free testing within 50 miles of Draper which is a $100 to $150 value.  We can deploy all radon test within 2 to 3 business day of an agent’s request, and we give test results the as soon as possible.

If you are a realtor and is interested in attending a Core CE class on radon, please contact Jodi Bloechel at or (801) 550-6080 and she can let you know when the next scheduled class is.

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