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Thanks for coming to our website.  You obviously are curious about radon or you may know you have high levels of radon.  Utah Radon Services is the largest and highest-rated radon company in Utah with over 750 5-star reviews.  We are dedicated to helping Utah homeowners solve their radon problem and live healthier lives.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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Radon Testing for your Home in Salt Lake City

Although radon gas is found everywhere, past radon testing in Salt Lake City shows that Utah homes have an average radon level of 5.3, while a number of Salt Lake City homes through radon testing have tested to have levels between 20.7 and 140.5. The only way to know if your home has radon gas is by using a radon test kit. Utah Radon Services offers free certified testing and can have results for you within just days of starting the test. Fill out the form on the right to request a free test today.

Radon gas is measured in pico curies or “pCi/L”, and the EPA’s strong recommendation is to fix your home if your radon level is 4.0 pCi/L or greater. The WHO (World Health Organization) has even more strict guidance and recommend getting your home fixed if the levels are above 2.7.  Fixing your home’s high radon levels is something that can be done without much difficulty or expense.  We are here to help.

Request Free Bid for Radon Mitigation in Salt Lake City

Installing a radon mitigation system in a home that has high radon levels, will significantly reduce radon exposure. Also referred to as radon reduction systems or radon removal systems, these are installed using pipes that collect the radon gas from beneath the foundation and vent it out into the atmosphere using a special fan – reducing the amount of radon that ever enters the home in the first place.  In fact we guarantee to get your home to 2.7 or below and many cases we get it to under a 1.0. Our radon reduction systems come with a lifetime warranty so you know you are getting a quality solution that will last the life of your home.

If your Salt Lake City home has already been tested and has high radon levels, fill out the form on the right or call us at 801-871-0715 to request a free bid on a radon gas mitigation system for your home.

What is Radon Gas and Why is it a Concern?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the decay of Uranium in the soil. Much of the radon gas produced enters the atmosphere and is harmless, but the accumulation of this odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas in your home is a concern for your family’s health.

According to the Surgeon General, more than 21,ooo Americans die each year from lung cancer that is related to radon – in fact it is the second leading cause of lung cancer overall.

Past Testing of Radon Levels in Salt Lake City, by Zip Code

Zip Code < 4 pCi/L >= 4 pCi/L Maximum Average Total Tests
84044 59.8 40.2 20.7 4.2 174
84101 82.6 17.4 5 2 23
84102 67.5 32.5 56.9 4.4 274
84103 76.8 23.2 70.2 3.6 544
84104 69.9 30.1 31.8 3.7 136
84105 63.3 36.7 21.3 3.9 878
84106 78 22 42.7 3 2186
84108 80.9 19.1 27.3 2.7 733
84109 64.9 35.1 50.1 4 874
84111 64.2 35.8 40.6 4.2 134
84112 87.5 12.5 6 1.7 8
84113 100 0 3.9 1.9 3
84115 63.2 36.8 47.7 3.9 234
84116 76.1 23.9 22.6 3.1 213
84119 74.2 25.8 21.4 2.9 283
84120 61.7 38.3 140.5 4.3 311
84128 67 33 25.7 3.8 185
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