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Thanks for coming to our website.  You obviously are curious about radon or you may know you have high levels of radon.  Utah Radon Services is the largest and highest-rated radon company in Utah with over 600 5-star reviews.  We are dedicated to helping Utah homeowners solve their radon problem and live healthier lives.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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12577 South 265 West Ste. A1, Draper, UT. 84020

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We Provide FREE Radon Bids For Real Estate Agents And BuyersWe Provide Fast Friendly Service For Real Estate Agents

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      Use this form to request a free radon test for a home within 50 miles of Draper that has come under contract to sell. You must give us enough time to complete the test before the due diligence deadline. To see all program rules, Click Here.

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      We will coordinate with the listing agent to get access to the home to retrieve the tests.

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      We will confirm with you that the test has been scheduled with the seller’s agent once we have everything coordinated with them.

      Did You Know That A Real Estate Transaction Is The
      #1 Reason For Radon Mitigation?

      Utah Radon Services understands that timely service is crucial when dealing with a real estate transaction.  We understand that any delay could cost a sale.  We have employees dedicated to working directly with real estate professionals to provide you the service you need when working with a home with high radon.   We have Supra keys for easy access into vacant homes, making Mitigation Services for Real Estate painless for agents.  If a radon problem is found, competitively priced reduction systems can be scheduled within a week on most weeks.

      Why Choose Utah Radon Services For Radon Real Estate Needs:

      • We have employees dedicated to providing the best service to real estate professionals and we know the urgency involved with getting a real estate radon bid to you as soon as possible.
      • Utah Radon Services is the largest radon company in Utah and we install 60% of the radon systems in the state.  That means we can provide you with the quality you demand in a timely manner.
      • Supra key access. You don’t need to let us into vacant homes…saving you time and hassle.
      • Quality MattersUtah Radon Services used only the highest-rated certified equipment – either duplicate electret tests or continuous radon monitors.
      • Experienced Professionals. Our certified employees with whom you will be working in the radon business for over 5 years and have tested or installed systems in several thousand homes. We are also fully licensed and insured. We also offer mitigation Services for Real Estate transactions.
      • Professional Mitigation Services.  If a home is found to have high radon levels, installation for a radon removal system can be scheduled within 1 week most of the time. Our systems are competitively priced, use the highest quality parts, and come with a full lifetime warranty (5-year warranty on the fan).
      • Maintain your client’s budget. Radon removal systems from Utah Radon Services are competitively priced.

      Radon removal is an important part of a healthy home.
      This is why we provide FREE radon test kits and FREE radon mitigation bids.

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