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“1 in 3 Utah homes have high radon gas levels and need radon mitigation.”*  It is easy to find out if your home has a radon gas problem by getting a free radon test kit by either calling 801-872-6710 or by filling out the form on this page.

We will mail you a free test kit you can set yourself. Mailed test kits include simple to follow instructions and a pre-paid return envelope so you can easily send the completed test to the certified lab to analyze. We will then contact you with the results. It’s that simple.

About Our Free Radon Test Kit Program

  • Yes – we really offer a 100% free radon test – to residents in Utah (a $100+ value!).
  • EPA and NRPP certified – for both real estate transactions and for regular homeowners.
  • Why offer a free radon test kit when home inspectors charge $100-$170 for the same service?  We strongly believe that everyone should test their homes for radon to determine if they need radon mitigation. The problem is, not enough people are doing it. Only 1 in 5 homes sold in Utah currently get a radon test because of high costs. Utah Radon Services is set up to very efficiently do a high number of certified radon tests so more homes can get tested. For homes that test high for radon, we then provide a free quote to fix the problem.
  • We only use the best-certified radon testing equipment.  Your test kit will use either electret ion chambers also called an E-Perm (used by over 2,500 home inspectors), or a Corentium Pro continuous radon monitor depending on the testing situation. Both types of tests produce highly accurate, EPA certified test results.
  • Are there any exclusions to the program?  The homeowner must order the test. Homes tested must be located in Utah and do not already have a radon mitigation system installed. For real estate transaction tests, the home must be located within 50 miles of Draper Utah to qualify for a free test since a certified technician must place and collect the test. Don’t misunderstand – we are happy to mail a free test kit anywhere in Utah. The mileage restriction is only for real estate transactions.

Is Radon A Problem in Your Home?

Testing your home is the only way to know. Every home has at least someUtah Free Radon Test levels of radon gas and 1 in 3 homes in Utah have levels considered unhealthy by the EPA and need radon mitigation. Radon enters a home through foundation cracks and cold joints, openings around plumbing pipes, and crawlspaces. Because radon comes from the ground, lower levels of the house will often have the highest concentrations; however, radon is not only found in the basement. Radon is pulled throughout the whole house due to the natural rise of air in the home, often referred to as the “stack effect.” Winter months and cold weather create the strongest stack effect and therefore the highest radon levels in all parts of the home.

Any home can have a radon problem – whether new or old, small or large, drafty or not. Because radon is both colorless and odorless, it can only be detected by testing with special equipment. Test kits can be set up quickly and only need to run for 2 days to get accurate results. Utah Radon Services offers several types of certified radon tests including hourly electronic monitors and E-Perm systems. E-Perm testing units are the most widely used by radon professionals in North America and are considered the most accurate radon test according to the EPA. Getting a radon test kit will help you to determine the level of radon gas in your home and if radon mitigation is needed.

What is Radon?

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the decay of uranium in the soil. Uranium is present in the ground all over the world, with some areas having higher concentrations, including Utah. Utah’s uranium and radon levels are 5 times greater than the average level in the United States. Areas with higher uranium concentrations will typically have more radon problems than areas with lower concentrations in the ground. A higher concentration of radon in your home is dangerous to your family’s health. In fact, per the EPA radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, causing 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year. Only smoking causes more lung cancer. Get your Utah Free Radon Test Kit today.

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* Wallace Akerley, MD Huntsman Cancer Institute

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