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Should I Retest My Home For Radon?

Say you’ve tested your house for radon and was pleased to find low levels. Now you can breathe easy knowing, you are not exposing your loved ones to radioactive gas. However… breathe easy for a few years but don’t forget to retest my home for radon.

As your home ages, it may settle more, cracks may appear in the foundation, etc. this can impact the amount of gas that enters your home. Also, the soil is aging right along with your home. This could mean the radon levels increase over time.

When Should You Retest For Radon?

If you have already retested your home and found low levels, a good rule of thumb is to retest in two years. However, you want to make sure you test in a different season. So if you tested in the summer before, test in the winter the next time. Air pressure changes in the house can mean more radon is pulled in at different times throughout the year. It’s a good idea to test in multiple seasons to ensure your house is safe year round.

Other times that may be important to retest is if you do any major renovations to the house. This can include, finishing your basement, adding a room, knocking down a wall, etc. Also, if there are earthquakes anywhere in your area, it is a good idea to retest.

If it is coming up on time to retest my home for radon, contact us at 801-871-0715 to schedule your test today.



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