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Using A Certified Radon Company

The only way to know if a house has high radon levels is through specialized testing. So if testing is not done correctly, you can come back with inaccurate results. Either leaving you in a house that has high radon, or installing a mitigation system when one isn’t needed. This is why it is key to use a certified radon company for your testing and mitigation needs.

Free Radon Test Kits in UtahCertified Radon Testing

During a real estate transaction, you must get certified radon test results. This means that you cannot purchase a charcoal kit from the store and test yourself. Radon tests must be set and collected by professionals when buying or selling a home.

So if you are not buying or selling a home, you can test for yourself but you do run the risk of not getting exact results. Using a certified radon company can still get you more accurate results than testing on your own. Make sure you follow any instructions exactly.

Certified Radon Mitigation

If it is important to have certified testing done, it is just as important to have a certified company do the radon installation. The worse case scenario is installing a faulty system and believing you are protected against radon.

Do not be fooled – a radon mitigation system MUST be installed by someone that specializes in it. Do not allow a plumber or contractor to install a system. These are complex systems that need a radon expert.

Call us to speak to a radon expert. We can help guide you through testing and mitigation if needed.


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