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Thanks for coming to our website.  You obviously are curious about radon or you may know you have high levels of radon.  Utah Radon Services is the largest and highest-rated radon company in Utah with over 750 5-star reviews.  We are dedicated to helping Utah homeowners solve their radon problem and live healthier lives.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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5 Steps To Keep Your Home Safe From Radon

Many people in Utah aren't familiar with radon, why it is dangerous, and what to do about it.  Our biggest challenge is educating people about radon and the effect it can have on the health of those who live with…

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How Often Should You Retest for Radon?

Should you retest for radon? So you had your house tested for radon in the past and your levels were low so you have nothing to worry about.  However, if you think about it, Bill Clinton was our president then…

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Why Summer Is A Great Time To Test For Radon

You've been hunkered down in your home all winter and during the rainy Spring and now that it's summer, you are dying to get out of your home. Hey, we get it; however, now is one of the best times…

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Radon Alarms

What To Do If Your Radon Alarm Goes Off

We get many phone calls from homeowners who have a Radon Mitigation System who don't know what to do if their radon alarm goes off.  This blog will hopefully alleviate the panic and give you knowledge on what your next…

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7 Risk Of Lung Cancer

7 Risk Factors For Lung Cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death and lung cancer is the deadliest form of cancer.  Avoiding the risk for lung cancer and help you and your family avoid the potential for lung cancer.   This article will cover the…

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Covid 19

How Does Covid 19 Make Radon Even More Dangerous?

Covid 19 and Radon - Covid 19 has changed all of our lives and the pandemic has caused mental and physical stress.   For some, the change in daily habits and handling stress has caused radon to become even more dangerous…

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