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What happens after radon mitigation?

Once you have installed a radon mitigation system in your home, you can sit back and never worry about radon again. Wrong. After mitigation is done, it is important for you to routinely check that your system is working correctly and even retest your home occasionally.

Guidelines for when Radon Mitigation is done

There are a few things that you can do after installing a radon mitigation system, to ensure that you remain safe from exposure to radon gas.

  • Re-test your home for radon every two years. Make sure you test in different seasons. If you test in the summer one time, next time, test in the winter.
  • Check your radon system occasionally. This is done by looking at the U-shaped tube on your radon pipe. The levels on this should be unequal. If they are equal, that means the system is not working properly and needs to be checked by an expert. But remember, even if its working, your levels need to still be tested.
  • Retest after any major renovations or construction in your home. Things like new windows, roof repairs, heating system repairs, new garage, finishing the basement, etc.

Follow the guidelines above after you install a radon mitigation system to ensure your families health and safety.

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