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Thanks for coming to our website.  You obviously are curious about radon or you may know you have high levels of radon.  Utah Radon Services is the largest and highest-rated radon company in Utah with over 750 5-star reviews.  We are dedicated to helping Utah homeowners solve their radon problem and live healthier lives.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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Why Summer Is A Great Time To Test For Radon

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You’ve been hunkered down in your home all winter and during the rainy Spring and now that it’s summer, you are dying to get out of your home. Hey, we get it; however, now is one of the best times of the year to test for radon in your home.  

Why is summer a great time to test for radon? 

  • Because if your home does need a radon mitigation system installed, we have more availability and you can get it scheduled when it is convenient for you. During the winter months, we are sometimes a month out on availability for appointments for a radon mitigation system.  
  • Radon is still dangerous during the summer months. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and kills over 21,000 people a year according to the EPA.
  • We offer free radon test kits for home owners and it becomes difficult for us to provide enough tests during the winter months. During the summer, we will be able to mail out a radon test kit right away and give you the results fast.
  • Many times living accommodations change during the summer. Families often find themselves spending more time down stairs in the basement because it is cooler. Radon comes from uranium in the ground and comes up through the foundation of the homes effecting lower levels.
  • Radon levels are lower in the summer than in the winter. If you test during the summer and it comes back at a high level, this is a really strong indicator that you will need radon mitigation.

Contact us today and get your FREE RADON KIT. You fill out a form, we mail it to you with easy to use instructions. You mail it back after the test, we give you the results. Call us at 801.871.0715 or fill this form out






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